Reviews from some of our listeners!

Mars 2060 podcast is a great show in the docudrama style. If you love space, or enjoyed The Martian this could be your next show to follow.” ~Mattleong13
This podcast quietly gets under your skin. It seduces you with its plausible near future account of – Yes, we went to Mars and then, the unthinkable. Sci-fi and mystery fans will spark to this deeply human, yet awesomely alien story.” ~Belcasas
Get in on this one before it blows up to say you “remember it when”… Audio quality is such a barrier to entry for me and new podcasts. It’s literally the difference between a listen and an ignore. When it’s an audio only show, it better have great audio! And Mars 2060 just nails it. Beautifully. Right out the gate. The production is so incredibly well crafted. It’s a joy to listen to. There is a seriously cool story brewing here and I can’t wait to see where it goes. This is the Sci-Fi version of your favorite “Serial”-esque podcasts. It’s incredibly smart and snappy. Love it.” ~B-Radiccus
I love podcasts and listen to about 3 per day but this is my first fictional one. The storytelling is great and I find myself thinking about the plot during the week between episodes.” ~Jptwllms
Found Mars 2060 completely by accident, and it is amazing. Really enjoy the format, story and performances. Very much looking foward to more.” ~YoungLaredo
I really like how the creators mix real technology and concepts in this dramatic storyline. The characters are realistic, with all their flaws, concerns and dreams. The various interviews with scientists, astronauts, engineers and other crew members are touching and make you think about how life on Mars could be.” ~Minzoto